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Created in 1993 as a neon sign company, we start rapidly to interest to the tiny element which is communly named "cold electrode". Despite its apparent simplicity, this component is essential for the functioning of a tube so globally of the neon sign. Recognizing the importance of this and confronted by the many negative experiences that were derived from the use of all existing types of electrodes, from 1996 we started the fabrication of electrodes by our own means. electrodes production
Today our electrodes are the most used in France where they equiped biggest neon and lightning companies, as you can see in our references. We have participated on many international fairs worldwide such as Paris, Milan, Madrid, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Orlando, Dubaï and Moscow.


logo-iafOur company is certified ISO 9001 for both activities: manufacture of electric lamps and lighting equipment and manufacture of electrodes for neon and lighting industry made of lead glass (with and without evacuation tube) and borosilicate (Pyrex) glass. Furthermore, we are also certified ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System. This shows our involvement regarding product quality and also environment impact which have a high priority for us.

Company History

  • 1993 Creation of the neon sign company
  • 1994 Development of custom illuminated signage and installation
  • 1996 Start to develop our own electrodes
  • 1997 Partnership with Aupem Sefli for development of borosilicate glass electrodes
  • 1998 Serial production of all three glass types electrodes: borosilicate, lead and lead-free
  • 2002 European Patent EP 1385238A3 regarding the connection for borosilicate glass electrodes
  • 2007 ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • 2008 Most used borosilicate glass electrode in France
  • 2009 Our electrodes are delivered in more than 15 countries

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